Apex Legends Season 7 ‘Ascension‘ is just a couple of days out and fans are patiently waiting. In the trailer, we already know we are getting a new map known as Olympus, a new legend Horizon, and vehicles. Now before Season 7 is officially set to launch the patch notes have been released giving us a look at what’s in store for the new season.

To recap again what we know about Season 7 let’s speed through it. We are getting a new Legend known as Horizon. Her abilities include a gravity lift as her tactical and a Black Hole that sucks enemies in as her ultimate. We are also getting a new map which is Horizon’s home known as Olympus. In this new map, we are getting a vehicle known as The Trident. This vehicle allows your whole squad to get in with the driver in 3rd person view and your teammates riding on both sides to keep you covered. The last thing we know is the addition of ClubsΒ and Apex Legends coming to theΒ Steam Market.

Apex Legends Olympus, Season 7,

Apex Legends – Olympus

Some of the new things coming to Apex Legends Season 7 is a new Battle Pass. With every season players get a chance to buy the battle pass to unlock new skins exclusive to the season. However, this season points will no longer be used instead Stars will be used to determine a task given in the battle pass. Challenges will be given a 1 to a 5-star rating and 10 stars will give the player a battle pass level.

A few other changes include some legend buffs and nerfs as well as weapon changes. Let’s take a look at a few:


  • Legends will no longer be blurred in Caustic gas.
  • Ammo will no longer take up a slot in Loba’s Black Market.
  • Pathfinder’s hitbox has been updated and his hook has been updated.


  • The R-99 will be added back to the loot pool.
  • The Prowler will now be a Care Package Weapon.
  • The Selectfire hop-up will be removed from the game.
  • A new hop-up for the Wingman and Re-45 known as Quickdraw Holster will be added.

In addition to these Legend & Weapon changes Armor and Ring Damage have also been changed. Evo Armor damage has been increased to level them up. Ring Damage has been reduced as well for each ring. Audio fixes are coming addressing players hearing no footsteps from legends should be fixed in this coming patch.