Apex Legends has always been on a roll when it comes to teasing new changes to the game. Respawn has done an amazing job from animated stories to in-game teasers. Since Revenant’s introduction, we knew Loba would be the next legend introduced into the Apex Games. While it was originally thought that teasers of her were put in at Harvester nothing else surfaced. Now thanks to a roadmap theory and a new teaser in the game we can expect 3 teasers for Season 5.

Reputable data miner Shrugtal shared his theories on what we might possibly see going into Season 5. The first teaser went live on April 16th and was discovered in the Dome. Thanks to Redditor HIRUZENandENMA we get our first look at the teaser.

I found an easter egg of ARES division from Titanfall in Dome. It seems to be related to the Singh Labs in Kings Canyon but i have no idea what it activates. from r/apexlegends

We can only expect a grand entrance from Loba as Season 5 nears and more stories added to Wraith’s time in the Apex Games.