Respawn Entertainment has done a fantastic job with teasing the upcoming third season of Apex Legends. All the teasers over the past few weeks have led to the debut for Season 3: Meltdown. The teasing of Crypto hacking the Apex Games along with his debut appearance in Singh Labs, and the clues he left behind after fleeing from the labs had many fans speculating what was next. Well all of that and more was answered in the Season 3: Meltdown trailer as well as the gameplay trailer.

Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown Launch Trailer


The official launch trailer for Season 3 gives us a first look at Crypto in action as well as a few hints as to what his abilities may be. Everything that we have gathered since his lore video came out is that he is an incredible hacker, Lifeline even points that out in this trailer, his drone follows him everywhere and seems to have a stunning ability and the puzzle cube he uses might be part of his kit. We also get a first glance at the new map ‘Worlds Edge’ and some of the areas that seem to be highlights from the map itself.

One of the main standouts is already looking to be the train with loot bins on it. Judging by the trailer this is definitely going to be a highly active area on the map much like Skull Town is to Kings Canyon. The charge gun is also looking to be a beast of a weapon and did the trailer hint maybe friendly fire involved in next season’s gameplay? Another question needing to be answered is are we going to see team finisher combos? In the trailer, we see Wattson and Wraith both utilize the rift portal to combo Octane.

There is also plenty to take away from just the launch trailer but the Apex Legends community was also gifted with an amazing gameplay trailer that also has more in store for the upcoming season.


The gameplay trailer for Meltdown is jam-packed full of things to look forward to in the upcoming season. We get a glimpse at some of the new skins, main focus areas of the map, a look at one of Crypto’s finishers and an exclusive loot room. Let’s get more into detail.

New Skins – If the exclusive skins from previous battle passes didn’t get you excited the new map with new skins this season definitely has some amazing skins to offer! The gameplay trailer gave us a first look at an icy Pathfinder skin as well as a lava demon looking Lifeline skin. We were also treated to a Crypto skin that gives him more of a Matrix vibe, not that he doesn’t already have one.

Image via u/FrozenFroh Reddit

Image via u/FrozenFroh Reddit

Can we also just point out that ‘New Dawn’, which was referenced in a tweet sent out on the official Apex Legends Twitter, that a sign in the trailer (also pictured above bottom left) is graffitied over with the word ‘Meltdown’.

There is also a look a new weapon cosmetics much like the lava demon Lifeline attire and the icy Pathfinder there is an icy Peacekeeper skin and a lava sniper (judging by the sound it’s probably the Longbow).

Interactive Areas – During the last two town takeovers in Kings Canyon, we were given Octane’s Gauntlet which had jump pads placed around the area as well as the massive portal connecting us to Singh Labs as part of the Voidwalker event. Well it looks like the train isn’t the only area we get to see and interact with.

There is a massive geyser that shoots you up with the water and also looks to reinitiate sky diving much like the massive portal in Singh Labs. The biggest question is if we get near the lava will the players take damage?

Exclusive Loot Room – While this may not be the official name of the area there is a tease at the end of the gameplay trailer showing off  Crypto shooting an orb and gaining a secret key. This key is then used to open up an exclusive high tier loot area with stacked gear.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Weapons & Attachments – Again the gameplay trailer was already jam-packed full of content for next season and one leak that made the rounds were added attachments for possibly the G7 scout and the R-301. The leak included weapon hop-ups known as high caliber and double-tap. The gameplay trailer showed us the G7 scout using a double-tap feature to knock down two champions. Hopefully this gets added into the game.

The charge gun was also featured in both gameplay and launch trailer and it is already a game-changing weapon. It looks to be what the Havoc was expected to be with the select-fire hop-up attached to it. We can only hope this isn’t another care package item like the L-Star.

Crypto’s Abilities – We still kept mainly in the dark as to what Crypto’s full kit is going to be. We know he has a drone used for scanning and surveillance, a puzzle cube he uses for hacking and an EMP blast that we saw in the ‘Forever Family’ video. During the launch trailer, it looks to be that the drone can stun enemies as shown on Gibraltar. In the gameplay trailer, we also get a first look at his drone surveying the train which he can see into, assuming using the puzzle cube, in which he can also recall or exit depending on the situation.

He also does a finishing move on Wraith in the gameplay trailer and uses his drone as a weapon to finish off enemies.


Players have already voiced their opinions which is mostly overwhelmingly positive about the upcoming third season for Apex Legends. The new map, new character and small additions to the game is something refreshing players have been asking for to keep their interests peaked with the popular battle royale game. We can only wait till the battle pass and season drops on October 1st to get a feel for Meltdown.