Season 3 of Apex Legends is almost a week out from us kicking off on October 1st and fans are excited about the new season. We previously learned that the next season will be called ‘Meltdown’ as opposed to the previous leaked ‘Fire and Ice’. We were told during potential leaks to always take the leaks with a grain of salt and know that changes could always happen but what if it wasn’t an accident that ‘Fire and Ice’ was indeed part of the files. Reddit user u/FrostBurn303 made a post suggesting that we will indeed see lava and ice changes coming to Kings Canyon in the upcoming third season of Apex Legends.

When EA & Respawn announced the next season we were given a graphic with a caption stating “Show off your skills in the new series of Ranked mode. Drop in hot and put your enemies on ice!”

Image via Respawn


However, according to FrostBurn303, the Italian version of the site gives off a completely different translation than the English version of the caption. The caption written in Italian is “Sbaraglia i nemici e esplora scenari di lava e ghiaccio.” The Reddit user did some investigating and translated the phrase into “‘Eliminate enemies and explore lava and ice scenarios”. The user pointed out that the words ‘hot’ and ice’ in the English version were intentionally put there as the Italian version seemed to give a whole different meaning to the phrase.

Image via FrostBurn303


Many players have already hit the Apex Legends subreddit to discuss the potential location of map changes just as Octane and Wraith have both taken over towns players think Crypto being added and the ‘Lava and Ice’ hints they may have figured out where it might be next. We know that Crypto was spotted hacking in-game in the new Singh Labs addition to Kings Canyon but when you go to pay Crypto a visit he stops his hacking and runs off. Players have also reportedly heard the same footsteps under swamps and are hinting that would be the next area of the map to get a revamp. It would make sense as both Swamp and Relay include the most water on the map so a ‘Lava and Ice’ scenario around swamps would definitely make a more popular area than it already is. Reddit user u/NoTW1ZZ4RD has tracked Crypto’s footpath and showed us where the area was.


It only remains to be seen if these rumors and hints are true but for now we can only speculate and hype ourselves for the upcoming Season 3 ‘Meltdown’ and if the rumors are true it would interesting to see what lava and ice changes would be made to Kings Canyon.