What happens when you have a small patch that goes out on your favorite battle royale, Apex Legends, that was just meant to fix some small bugs and errors happening to players in-game? Well you get data miners racing through the new lines of code for more leaks to the upcoming Season 3 of Apex Legends and as you know it reputable data miner That1MiningGuy has us covered again. Originally finding the lines of code in Spanish he was able to get them translated and found that the upcoming battle pass season for Apex will be called ‘Fire and Ice’.

The upcoming battle pass was shown to have some exclusive skins for characters, weapons, and exclusive battle pass levels as per usual.

Those items are as follows:

  • Fire and Ice Battle Pass
  • 25 Battle Pass Levels
  • Exclusive Character Skins
  • Spitfire Legendary Skin
  • 2550 Crafting Metals

Let us also note in a tweet made later after this original tweet was posted That1MiningGuy mentions some of the info seems to be placeholders and copied from season 2 so all the real information that seems to be leaked is outlined in red arrows.

More leaks are also making the rounds with Crypto voice lines being added, characters being able to perform 8 quips, the grip for the Volt gun, evolving armor and a new hopup for double-tap and high cal rounds. Respawn has already mentioned that the third season of Apex would indeed be more challenging and would require you to send out your best champion to the games so these additions would make perfect sense.

Speculation as to the name ‘Fire and Ice’ could mean maybe new biomes, a new champion or even a new game mode if Respawn decides to take a page out of Westeros book. Let’s hope that with the name ‘Fire and Ice’ and the rumored PVE mode coming next season that one of the main objectives isn’t fighting an insane dragon rider. All jokes aside we know that next season is already highly anticipated and with more leaks happening just about every hour we can only imagine what Respawn has in store for us.