Going into Season 2 of Apex Legends it was already mentioned there would be more added to the battle pass than the previous season with the addition of limited-time game modes and the ranked game mode. While the battle pass provides exclusive character skins, weapons cosmetics, loading screens, new music and more we know that the higher you climb in the ranked ladder the more exclusive rewards you will receive at the end of Season 2.

The following rewards were announced at the beginning of Season 2:

  • Bronze – Badge
  • Silver – Badge
  • Gold – Badge & Weapon Cosmetic
  • Platinum – Badge & Weapon Cosmetic
  • Diamond – Badge, Weapon Cosmetic & Dive Trail
  • Apex Predator – Badge, Weapon Cosmetic & Dive Trail

Image via EA & Respawn

Now Apex Legends has announced in addition to those rewards we will also be getting weapon charms for your rank in a trailer that was posted today on the @PlayApex twitter account. Season 2 and the Ranked mode still have a little over two weeks left before the season comes to a close so there is still time to climb the ladder to Apex Predator and earn yourself some exclusive rewards.