A full-fledged PVE mode has been rumored for a while when it comes to Apex Legends. While we have a slight bit of PVE with the current Broken Ghost quest it’s not a full-on PVE mode. This could possibly change in the future thanks to a new leak. We might be getting an Apex Legends – Titanfall crossover!!!!

Reputable data miner That1MiningGuy has posted some interesting lines of code.

The big four names in the code are Spectre, Stalker, Frag Drone, and Titan. These are all well-known names from the Titanfall games. What makes them even more interesting is they are tagged with ‘Outlands’ in the code. So what could this possibly mean – Apex Legends with a touch of Titanfall?

Plans of ever having titans in the game have been scrapped by Respawn but playing against them in a PVE mode has been rumored for a while. Respawn has given us an amazing storyline with all their legends and adding a PVE mode with more backstory could possibly be in the works. If so how could titans fit into the Apex Legends story line?

Is Data Mining for Apex Legends Coming to an End?