Apex Legends revealed the launch trailer for season 7 of Apex Legends today. Exciting as always, this trailer shows us what we are going to encounter this season, for example, vehicles, a new map, and Horizon. 

The trailer starts off with a bang, literally, as a rocket launches towards an unknown target. As the camera moves on we meet Mirage taking a selfie, of course, and Rampart. Moving on these two realize that they have two follow the rocket and with the help of Pathfinder they do just that.

Welcome to Olympus

As Apex Legends launch trailer moves on we get a glimpse of what is to come as we enter the airspace of Olympus. Olympus is something we have never seen before in Apex Legends. It is a map consisting of essentially one large town complex/garden. Which makes it special and extremely interesting. Interesting because it will bring new strategies and gameplay to the game which both are needed. It is also special because the map looks smaller than the last two. A smaller map means more encounters with opponents which means faster games. Still, this is an animated trailer and not actual gameplay so it can just be how it looks. It will also be interesting to see how players will adapt to a town environment.


The launch trailer showed us Olympus

Vehicles Ahoy!

One large thing that shows up in the trailer is a hint at vehicles coming to Apex. This after several characters are seen driving vehicles and fighting in what looks like “hovertanks”. This is a really cool idea, but it should be carefully handled. If vehicles are put into the game they will change how we play Apex forever. New strategies will form around being able to drive around the map and hiding behind your vehicles. So yes, vehicles look amazing on paper, but there will be consequences that we haven’t foreseen yet. Still, it will be pretty cool to drive a hovertank.

Horizon, Master of Gravity

Last, but not least we do get to see Horizon and she is as amazing as ever. Saving the day she drives in a hover tank unleashing her true power on her foes. At one point she thrusts her enemies into the air making them easy targets. At another, she creates what looks like a black hole dragging her enemies in. We can therefore assume that most of her abilities will have to do with gravity or at least science in some way. Sad backstory check and cool abilities check, what more do you want?

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