Respawn’s storytelling for Season 4 ‘Assimilation‘ has been amazing so far. Introducing new characters like Forge to set up the debut for the main legend set to join the Apex Games. Teasers for Revenant date back to the Halloween event in Season 3. Today we get the first look at Revenant as Apex Legends launches the Season 4 ‘Assimilation‘ trailer.

Now we understand why Revenant is so hell-bent on taking out Hammond Robotics. They took his life as a human and turned him into the simulacrum he is today. In the trailer we also see him use what we can assume is his abilities. His arm is used to impale and he can phase in a nightmarish way. We also see a little girl who is the daughter of Revenant’s target. She is gifted a silver wolf which can only mean she is Loba.

Starting off Loba is Spanish for wolf which only makes sense as to why she was gifted one. We also know she was one of the legends in development for a while now. Leaks showed she was possibly next after Revenant and in the trailer, we know revenge is on her mind. When will she debut is hard to say but hopefully it is during the split in Assimilation.

The start of Season 4 ‘Assimilation‘ is just a few days away. The trailer has set the stage for its debut and we can’t wait to get off the dropship once Season 4 arrives.


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