Respawn has done an amazing job with teasing its newest legends. Since the introduction of Crypto fans have been waiting for the newest legends tease. Forge was announced as the newest legend to join Apex Legends and it didn’t seem to sit well with fans. There were many theories on why Forge was the next legend to join the Apex Games and with the latest teaser we understand why Forge was introduced. Let’s take a look at Apex Legends’ latest Forge teaser and his new weapon charm.

Since the Season 4 reveal devstream the official Apex Legends twitter was rebranded into Outlands Television. This being another teaser for the upcoming legend much like Crypto trying to hack the twitter account before Season 3. An interview site was set up in Sorting Factory as an in-game tease for Forge since his announcement.

On January 27th fans were treated to a special interview with the newest legend himself Forge.

Is it safe to say some fan predictions came true? Is Revenant the real legend set to join Apex Legends instead of Forge? Whatever the case may be for now you can get a new weapon charm commemorating Forge in Sorting Factory.

Now a few more theories are popping up since it seems that wasn’t the real Forge who was killed. Comparing the picture to the interview you can see that the Forge in the video has different colored eyes as well as a scar.

Respawn and their debuts for Apex Legends are amazing, to say the least. Season 4 is only a week away and we have so much to look forward to. As well as so many questions we need answers to. For now, you can enjoy a new weapon charm so drop quickly before it’s gone!