Since the launch of Apex Legends, many fans and players of the game have been asking for an aim training map to test out all the weapons in the game. During the Devstream that was released on YouTube, the game directors had announced we are finally getting a Firing Range training map. The map would be different from the original training map that was first introduced when the game came out. You don’t have to walk through the tutorial in order to get to the Firing Range and you can switch to any champion you want to practice with.

Screenshot is taken from Devstream

Unique features of the Firing Range training map include:

  • Every gun, weapon attachment, armor, character attachments & grenades available
  • Training dummies with armor to view damage upon weapon impact
  • Every champion available to practice with
  • Ability to bring your party into the map along with you


This is something the community has been asking for since the launch of the game and players of the game are more than ecstatic to be finally getting a firing range to practice on. It’s great to see that Respawn is actively listening to the community and trying their best to implement certain things into the battle royale to keep fans happy. The Devstream also touched on other subjects such as a first look into the night version of Kings Canyon, a charge rifle balance and some fixes for bugs. We can only hope to see what else Respawn has in store for the battle royale as we inch closer to the first holiday-themed event.