Since the launch of Season 5 in Apex Legends Kings Canyon has had a few hidden bunkers that have yet to open. A video was once posted showing off the insides of the hidden bunkers but has since been taken down. During the Lost Treasures trailer, we got a teaser of the hidden bunkers opening. Now that the bunkers are finally open we get our first look at new Crypto lore inside the hidden bunkers.

Thanks to a video posted on Reddit by Biast12 we get our first look at the new Crypto lore.

The Crypto Lore log/Teaser 1/3 from r/ApexUncovered

What we know so far is Crypto changed his whole life after the incidents in the Forever Family trailer. Mila Alexander was assumed taken or dead for the algorithm they found. In the Lost Treasures trailer, we see that Hack, Crypto’s drone, was speaking with Mila’s voice. Now in the bunkers, we find out a little bit more of what happened to Mila.

It turns out she is alive & well and was able to escape her capture. Now in the video, this shows it is only the first of three messages so we still have to wait for two more. What exactly is this leading up to? As the Season continues the stories are becoming more in-depth. We will have to wait and see what is in store for Crypto’s and Mila’s story.