The day before Season 5 kicks off and Loba’s introduction we get a first look at her abilities. Released in a small video package we get to see what Loba’s kit will consist of. Let’s go ahead and take a look.

Loba already is set to be a unique and very dangerous champion. Her kit is amazing and already seems very powerful. Let’s go ahead and break down her abilities.

Passive: Eye for Quality

This will allow her to spot epic and legendary loot through walls. This will have a range on it and the range is the same for her ultimate ability. This is very reminiscent of Bloodhound’s scan but specifically for loot.

Tactical: Burglar’s Best Friend

Much like Wraith, Loba is going to be able to phase however she can do it with her Jump Drive Bracelet. This is will allow you to escape or engage in fights. Simply throw the bracelet where you want to go and teleport there. This will keep players on their toes more than they already are.

Ultimate: Black Market Boutique 

Loba’s staff will act as a teleportation device that grabs loot from the nearby area and will allow both allies & enemies to use it. You get to take up to 2 items each.

Loba is already a highly anticipated legend and her kit makes her great for so many strategies in-game. How excited are you to drop in as Loba once Season 5 kicks off?



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