During the Devstream that was posted to the official Apex Legends YouTube channel, we got to hear and see the newest changes coming to Apex Legends. One of the biggest highlights of the stream was getting a first official look at the Kings Canyon night map. We know that during the Halloween event, Fight or Fright, that players would be revisiting Kings Canyon in a holiday-themed event and with the first official look it seems players can’t wait to get back to Apex Legends first map.

Night version of Airbase

Image via Respawn Entertainment

In the newest limited-time mode known as Shadowfall players will drop solo into the Kings Canyon night map and fight to outlive other players. Players who die will be reborn as shadows with the ability to climb higher, run faster and strike harder with melee attacks.

We know Respawn has mentioned possibly bringing back Kings Canyon as it seems to be a fan favorite over the new map Worlds Edge. However, it was stated we wouldn’t see Kings Canyon for a while in a pool for either casual or competitive play but players seem to be happy it’s coming back for the holiday event. This may be the last time we see Kings Canyon for a while as Worlds Edge will most likely stay for a while since it was mentioned during the Devstream that Respawn took almost two years to create Worlds Edge.

Even if it is only for two weeks for the limited-time mode you can bet that players are going to be reminiscing about the time they had on Kings Canyon and you can definitely bet players will be hot dropping into Artillery, Skull Town and Bunker like the good old days.