When the idea of ‘Evo Shields‘ was rumored a few months back it had all the potential for a game-changing item. The idea that a shield will evolve with how you do in based on your game was something no one else was doing. When Respawn finally revealed the ‘Evo Shield‘ was being added into the Deja Loot LTM everyone was excited. However, the introduction to the new shield was met with mixed reviews. Now that the System Override Event is now over Apex Legends has confirmed that the ‘Evo Shields‘ is here to stay.

This news has also seemed to be met with mixed feelings towards the new shield addition. Many feel that the shields were a bit underwhelming in their test run. That was mainly due to the fact other shields were still in the game. This, in turn, left many players uninterested in the new shield mechanics. The players who were able to use the ‘Evo Shields‘ called for some upgrades to the shields to make them more viable.

Here is a tweet from Shroud regarding changes he would make to the new shields.

Whether or not these new additions will have their mechanics tweaked is unknown for the time being. For now, we can expect the shields to be another interesting item in the Apex Games.

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