Season 6 of Apex Legends is already garnering mixed feelings from fans of the game. While a new map isn’t shipping with the new season there are a few changes to Worlds Edge. There will also be loot changes and of course our new legend Rampart. The gameplay trailer has been released and Apex Legends Season 6 ‘Boosted‘ is looking very promising.

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Rampart – Gameplay Trailer Screenshot

Now that we have seen the trailer let’s go ahead and break down a few things that we saw. As mentioned before we are not getting a new map this season but we are getting quite a few changes to Worlds Edge. Thanks for the official Apex Legends website we know what those specific changes are. There are going to be three major changes to some areas which are Launch Site, Countdown, and Staging. In addition to those major changes, some minor changes are going to take place as well with some areas having rising walls. There will also be some changes around the map to some areas with more loot or different pathways. Another major change is the train will no longer be moving around the map. Instead, it will be scattered throughout the map.

staging, worlds edge, season 6, gameplay trailer, boosted

Staging – Gameplay Trailer Screenshot

crafting, devotion, worlds edge, season 6, gameplay trailer

Crafting – Gameplay Trailer Screenshot

In addition to the new map changes, we have crafting stations. It looks like the Devotion will be making its return to the loot pool will the R-99 will most likely take its place as a care package weapon. Along with the addition of the Volt SMG, it only makes sense to give the new weapon some playtime. We cannot forget the battle pass with all the new weapons and character cosmetics.

How excited are you for Apex Legends Season 6 ‘Boosted’?

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Rampart – Gameplay Trailer Screenshot