Since Apex Legends had announced a new Stories From the Outlands fans were hyped to see a new backstory come out. This time we would get to learn a little more about Rampart in this new story known as “The Endorsement“. With little information regarding the champion other than a few small teasers in-game, this new story gave us so many more questions.

To start off with there have been a few teasers on the official Apex Legends Twitter with some voice messages. The biggest one is from Bangalore talking about a hiatus and meeting up with Rampart. Now a more interesting question is how do Rampart and Bangalore know each other? They are on a first-name basis and that is very uncommon for Bangalore.

We also get a first look at one of Rampart’s abilities. Rampart looks to have a shield that goes up much like Gibraltar’s dome or Lifeline’s revive shied. The major difference is you can shoot through Rampart’s shield as an ally. This will most likely be her tactical which we can assume Sheila, her awesome LMG or turret, is going to be her ultimate.

The Endorsement, Anita Williams, Bangalore, Rampart, Stories from the Outlands, Ramya Parekh

Towards the end of the video, we get to see Ramya Parekh or Rampart get into some action. She fights off a group but is ultimately knocked out by one of them. One thing she mentions is Big Sister in the video and that leaves fans asking, “Who is the Big Sister?”.  After Rampart’s shop is burned down we get to see a familiar face. Blisk makes his way over to give Rampart an invitation to the Apex Games. There are so many questions left to be answered and we cannot wait to see where Rampart’s story leads us.