Apex Legends has been hyping up the third season of the game for well over the past few weeks now giving us teasers to the character known as Crypto and his intentions for the Apex Games. In a series of teasers whether it be on Twitter, in-game or in a lore video we were treated with an amazing trailer for Season 3 of Apex Legends titled Meltdown.

Let’s do a breakdown of everything we know so far.

Season 3 of Apex Legends, known as Meltdown, is by far the biggest season teased by the game and has had fans guessing since the very beginning. We knew since the launch of Season 2 that a hacker would be joining the game and speculation that Crypto would be the next legend to join the Apex Games was spreading like wildfire. Leaks from small updates and patches would show us small hints of Crypto’s drone and abilities along with clues to the upcoming season.

A little less than a month out to Season 3 players started to notice the Apex Games announcer glitching, this coming after the leviathans moved from the ocean onto the map, flyers entering the arena, towns being redesigned and Repulsor being taken down. Kings Canyon was in a state of emergency but no one knew what had happened, or did they?

Going back to the announcer being hacked, the Apex Games being successfully hacked after a few failed attempts we were given our first debut look at Crypto in the Singh Labs. When you spotted him he would stop his hacking and run out of the labs leaving a sneak peek of what he was doing left on the monitor. There was a picture of the Space Elevator from TitanFall 2 with the words Worlds Edge next to it. This lead many fans speculating as to what was going to happen. Were we getting a new map, was a town getting a makeover, or were we getting a new planet? All of this was answered as we saw Crypto leave a message for his mother on the official Apex Legends Twitter after he “hacked” it giving us a look at what is next to come.

Here’s the trailer for Season 3: Meltdown


The trailer for Season 3: Meltdown is already garnering massive hype from players with a new map, new planet and newest champion Crypto. One major thing that fans are also talking about is the train that seems to be circling the map in the trailer and everyone is hoping we will see it in-game but assured if we do it will definitely be a hot drop zone much like Skull Town. We are only days out from Season 3 which will be launching on October 1st and fans cannot wait to jump into the Apex Games on Worlds Edge.