The Apex Legends community has come up with really creative ways to think of new concepts for the game. From weapons concepts to heirloom and legend concepts. Most recently Reddit user DudeWithName came up with some amazing concepts for Heirlooms. The Apex Legends Redditor also revealed new legend concepts as well. The Redditor has a few amazing legend concepts but these two most recent ones stood out.

Legend Concept 2.0: Brigade the Rigid Breacher. (Re-Worked Details and Info in Posted Comment) from r/apexlegends

Starting off with ‘Brigade the Rigid Breacher‘ this is a beast of a legend concept. His kit seems a tad overpowered. A tactical smoke with electric properties and an ultimate that has a gravity field. This sounds like a great mixture of Bangalore and Wattson combined. Not to mention his passive and tactical break enemy traps. Why would a legend like this ever be introduced into the game? To push out those teams that love to camp or set up shop in tight spots. This is what the Redditor had to say about his kit when asked about in the comments of his post. “His tactical is meant to be more of a way of flushing emplaced teams, such as a building with tons of traps or people hunkered down in an area.” Brigade would make a fantastic addition to Apex Legends.

Legend Concept 2.0: Sigrún The Combative Bulwark (Reworked Details and Info posted in comment) from r/apexlegends

The other legend concept is known as ‘Sigrún The Combative Bulwark‘. Her passive allows her to throw ordnance further and in a straight line. This is perfect for those long-range engagements when enemies are low. Her tactical is a mine that locks players in place much like a trap. Not only would this be a game-changer but it would allow your team to focus on the player that is trapped. It would also allow you to zone off multiple players depending on how many traps you can place to allow your team to escape or push in any situation. Her ultimate is also great much like Gibraltar’s and Lifelines shields it blocks incoming enemy fire. However, it would allow you to shoot through the shield with bonus damage or buff ordnance damage. This would be perfect for late game or playing defensive against multiple teams.

These are just some of the amazing concepts the Redditor has come up with. You can check more of his legend concepts on his Reddit profile. Do you think these legend concepts would make great additions for Apex Legends?


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