If you enjoy Apex Legends then you most likely keep up with the r/apexlegends on Reddit. There is a wide variety of content on the subreddit from gameplay to cosplay to creative ideas. One Redditor by the name of u/pain2G has a pretty interesting idea of new hop-ups Apex Legends can add.

NEW HOP-UP’s … hope you like it from r/apexlegends

To start with the first hop-up the ‘Multiammo Reciever‘, it in itself is a great idea for a hop-up. There is plenty of times you make your way through Worlds Edge without enough ammo for your loadout. Having a set of guns that would enable you to utilize different ammo types would be phenomenal. Reducing the mag size for it wouldn’t be a bad trade-off but if we could change the Hemlock to the R-301 it would make the hop-up game worthy.

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Vampire Bites & Shocking Rounds sound like abilities that may be coming to Apex Legends in the near future. Leaks show upcoming champions may have the abilities of these hop-ups with the inclusion of Heat Induction but let’s explore them.

Vampire Bites & Shocking Rounds would wonder on weapons like the Mozambique and P2020. The Mozambique would actually benefit from having either hop-up since it doesn’t look like the mag size is going to be increased anytime soon. These two hop-ups should be exclusive for pistols rather than assault or sniper rifles. Shocking Rounds could even be the new Disruptor Rounds for the Alternator and RE-45.

The Heat Induction hop-up just sounds plain nasty to go up against. Having thermite effects on a weapon sounds like the good old Noob Tube from Call of Duty. Keeping it on the R-301 is a great idea especially if you have the Iron Rampage weapon skin.

Last but not least we have the golden weapon attachments with a golden heavy mag and a golden stock. Allowing more damage but less range seems well but a tad redundant. It could make for a great trade-off but it’s one of those features we have to see for ourselves in-game. Maybe adding faster reload speed to the mag may help. As for the golden stock having faster weapon switch is right on the money.

Remember these are just creative ideas for hop-ups and are not going to be introduced into the game. This is something that can get the community talking and sharing their own ideas for things they would like to see in the game. What would you add or change in Apex Legends?

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