Apex Legends has a diverse background with a magnificent storytelling from the Titanfall universe. Every legend has their own lore and with it, players get a chance to snag a piece of that lore with Heirloom sets in Apex Legends. As of now, we have four legends who have their own Heirloom sets. Those legends being Bloodhound, Wraith, Lifeline, and Pathfinder. While there has been plenty of speculation as to what the next Heirloom is in Apex Legends a Redditor came up with their own concepts.

A Redditor by the name of u/DudeWithName came up with new Heirloom concepts. Here is what the Redditor came up with.

DudeWithName, Heirloom Concept

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These Heirlooms are more than worthy to enter the Apex Games along with their legend. There are four that immediately catches our eyes. Those being Revenant’s, Gibraltar’s, Bangalore’s and Caustic’s Heirloom.

Starting with Gibraltar we actually see this weapon of his in-game when he performs one of his finishing moves. The War Club Heirloom would be a no brainer to add to the game.

Caustic’s Toxic Dusters brass knuckles are a great fit for the legend. While his Nox gas is something to fear nothing adds more fear than the Dr beating you senseless with brass knuckles.

Bangalore’s Gridiron Fang knife would make perfect sense to have an additional weapon to protect her since she was a pilot.

Revenant’s Death’s Claw scythe is just another thing to fear about the simulacrum. Not only is he a killing machine but imagine being on the other end of Death’s Claw. That just sounds terrifying as if his impale wasn’t enough.

Not to discredit the other Heirlooms they each are unique as well. Wattson’s Voltaic Baton is perfect for her love of electricity and Crypto’s Jingum fits him well. For those who don’t know what a Jingum is it is a Korean sword. Mirage’s Holo-Bat would be something players would not see coming, literally, or perhaps see multiple when getting finished. Last but not least we have Octane’s Overdoser. A glove with stim packs on it would probably have an insane finisher. We can only imagine.

With that being said these are only concepts and not features that would be added to the game but who knows. If I could add onto the list with talks of Loba joining Apex Legends I think a knife with the wolf her dad gave her would be interesting to see as an heirloom.


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Apex Legends Redditor Reveals New Legend Concepts