Earlier this month a leak that was making the rounds showed we would be getting Prowlers in Apex Legends. Not to be confused with the weapon these are 4 legged alien creatures that come from the Titanfall games. They were also apparently set to be used as teasers for the upcoming Bloodhound Town Takeover. As of the 31st of March, the Prowlers have now been spotted in-game.

Thanks to the reputable data miner Shrugtal we were able to get a screenshot posted from the data miners twitter.

As you can see the Prowler is on Snipers Ridge along with the famous construction flags. These construction flags in the past have marked an area where a new building or area will appear. According to Shrugtal this new Town Takeover for Bloodhound may very well be on Snipers Ridge.

As of now, it is not certain when Bloodhounds Town Takeover will take place but it could soon. Shrugtal also leaked a roadmap of when these events could be taking place back in October. While they are not specifically on the dates that were originally leaked they are pretty close.

Now that the Prowlers have been added in-game will multiple party attacks be the only thing we have to worry about when it comes to fighting?

BTW, have you heard about Apex Legends Global Series being back?!!!