Let us start with this if you missed this weekend’s Apex Legends Preseason Invitational then you missed some of the best Apex Legends gameplay to kick off the Pro Season. Many were skeptical about how the Pro scene would play out or work with many organizations parting ways with their teams while the organizations that stayed in Apex Legends are taking a big chance on the game and after this weekend we know the future for competitive Apex Legends is bright!

We already knew from the day prior which 10 teams would be making it into the Grand Finals which were (in order of standings) 789, Sentinels, Team SoloMid, PENTA, Virtus.Pro, Misfits, SoaR, FlyQuest, k1ck eSports Club & NRG. The day started out with the Losers Bracket Finals allowing us to see which teams would make it into the last 10 spots of the Grand Final in a Best of 4 series.

In the second chance given to the teams, the Losers Bracket Finals were as follows:

  1. Rogue – 56 Points
  2. Wyvern – 46 Points
  3. MVP – 44 Points
  4. GamersOrigin – 30 Points
  5. Gambit – 29 Points
  6. Third Impact – 26 Points
  7. Counter Logic Gaming – 23 Points
  8. SUCCUBUS – 21 Points
  9. Natus Vincere – 20 Points
  10. G2 Esports – 20 Points

These were your Top 10 teams who secured themselves a spot in the Grand Finals beating out the following teams (in order of standings: Winstrike (19 Points), Complexity, Reciprocity, Team FiRE, Ringers, Team Secret, Alistar, Spacestation Gaming, Pittsburgh Knights & Triumph. All hearts were played out in the Losers Bracket Finals but the day wasn’t over for the teams that made it through.


Grand Final Results & Format

The format for the Grand Finals was very similar to that of the previous Winners Bracket Finals, here is an in-depth look at your format for the Grand Finals:

There is no match limit in Grand Final

  • Once a Team reaches the minimum total points of 50 in the Finals, The next match becomes “Match Point Eligible” for that team.
  • The first team to win a match after they are “Match Point Eligible” is declared the Preseason Invitational Champion.
    • After the winner is declared, 2nd-20th are ranked by the total points accordingly.
  • There is no limit to the number of teams who can be “Match Point Eligible”.


Game 1

Started pretty cautious as teams were looking where to rotate and who was around them. NRG_Mohr was the first elimination of the game being taken out by NaVi however in retaliation it was Dizzy from NRGG who knocked and killed all three members of NaVi making them the first official team eliminated from the first match of the Grand Finals. All was quiet until the second ring started to close with teams dropping as they started to rotate. It came close to k1ck taking out 789 however esdesu clutching it for her team as she 1v2 k1ck eliminating them and saving it for her team. This would allow them to regroup and take Rogue out to win the first game of the series.

Your standings for the Top 4 teams were as follows:

  1. 789 – 22 points (10 Kills)
  2. Rogue – 14 points
  3. Wyvern – 14 Points
  4. SoaR – 14 Points


Game 2

The second game of the series started slow with only three players dropped as the first ring closes. k1ck was the first official team eliminated in the game and the main focus was teams making their way to Artillery. As the ring closes on Artillery plenty of teams were closing in on each other but the standout belonged to MVP taking out two players from 789 who won the first game. It came down to Penta, NaVi and SUCCUBUS being in the top three while both Penta & NaVi had full squads only one player remained from SUCCUBUS. It was a close fight but Penta secured the win for the second game in the series.

Standings for Game 2 were as follows:

  1. PENTA –  20 Points
  2. Natus Vincere – 22 Points
  3. SUCCUBUS – 9 Points
  4. Rogue – 12 Points

It is important to note that will this was the order the teams placed in-game, according to their points accumulated from the game it was NaVi in first place with points, PENTA in second, Rogue in third and SUCCUBUS in fourth place. Also as we inch closer to that 50 point threshold teams who hit that will be noted down in Overall Standings.


Game 3

The third game of the series saw CLG go down as the first official team eliminated in the game. Many players seemed to have made small mistakes most notably being Sentinels almost allowing NRG to reset after an engagement with them but cleaning them up and also KaronPe from Wyvern being eliminated out of bounds. We also witnessed NaVi dominating this match while 789 did manage to make it to second place after taking out PENTA, NaVi was there to clean up the fight after a small reset.

Let us now note that points were starting to be calculated with team standings reflecting the point leaders in-game. While NaVi finished in first place, 789 came in second, PENTA in third place and Rogue finishing in fourth we will now be looking at the overall standings for teams.

The overall standings for teams are as follows:

  1. Natus Vincere – 49 Points
  2. 789 – 42 Points
  3. PENTA – 28 Points
  4. Rogue – 27 Points


Game 4

Game four of the series started off with MVP trying to grief TSM off of drop in the Cage however it was TSM who ended up taking out MVP as the first official team eliminated from the game. Early on it was made aware that a Skull Town/Thunderdome ring would be where the final ring would be around. Rogue eliminated 789 early on snagging a Kraber from the team as well as NaVi being eliminated for 16th place in the game. Both 789 and NaVi are your first and second place teams overall so with an early exit it was big for the rest of the competitors. As the third ring closed we still had 14 squads remaining but Third Impact being denied entry into the fourth ring and from there we still saw thirteen squads alive as ring five started however that soon dropped to nine squads. Those nine squads soon fell to five as the sixth ring started. In came to two teams holding low and high ground in a house with G2 holding the low ground. As both teams started to get Wraith’s portal up G2 decided to push Sentinels to surprise them as the final ring closed to secure the victory.

For this game G2 came in first, Sentinels in second, Wyvern in third and k1ck in fourth.

The Overall Standings are as follows:

  1. Natus Vincere – 49 Points
  2. 789 – 42 Points
  3. Wyvern – 38 Points
  4. PENTA – 37 Points


Game 5

Game five of the series started off with teams getting early damage on one another trying their best to grief off drop. Fighting started early on in Artillery with SUCCUBUS being the first official eliminated team but the hot spot for action seemed to be the compounds right outside of tunnels in Artillery with the next ring being focused in Artillery. NaVi pushing into FlyQuest and eliminating two of their players put them over the 50 point threshold in this game while 789 cleaned up MVP potentially putting them closer to that threshold as well. TSM put on display the way to communicate with your teammates in a stressful situation. While their communication was on point it wasn’t enough for them to continue on as they placed fourth in this game. G2 was dominating as they took out PENTA to place them in third while a member of SoaR tried getting into the circle as a lone survivor however G2 was in perfect position to shut him down securing G2 the first place win in Game 5.

The Overall Standings are as follows:

  1. Natus Vincere – 57 Points
  2. G2 Esports – 54 Points
  3. PENTA – 50 Points
  4. 789 – 45 Points


Game 6

Game six of the series is starting to show patterns of teams either trying to take out other players early or gear up and play safe. We saw Third Impact’s Ballon as the first player eliminated, three players eliminated in the first ring closure and finally NaVi and TSM taking out MVP for the first official team eliminated in the game. It is also wise to note at this point 9impluse for NaVi and ImperialHal from TSM are in a close race for the ‘Apex Predator’ prize which sees most kills in the Grand Finals. As the third ring closes we still see nineteen teams alive (54 players) making their way to Bones/Skull Town area but as that third ring ends and fourth one starts the teams start to drop with NaVi and the rest of the threshold teams remaining. It came down to fighting in Skull Town that we saw teams start to fall with NaVi on the high ground being pushed and eliminated to secure fourth place (which they needed the win to be declared the winners of the Invitational), however as soon as NaVi go down TSM cleans out GamersOrigin to place them in third and also cleaning out 789 to place them in second with TSM securing themselves the first place spot in Game 6.

The Overall Standings are as follows:

  1. Natus Vincere – 72 Points
  2. 789 – 60 Points
  3. Team SoloMid – 56 Points
  4. G2 Esports – 54 Points
  5. PENTA – 51 Points


Game 7

Game seven of the series saw Misfits being taken out early with not much action to start other than teams poking around for damage and making players waste resources. As the game progressed teams were super cautious as they engaged in fights however a big upset came from NRG eliminating 789 to be the first team from the 50 Point threshold to drop but shortly after it was G2 to be the next team from the threshold to drop as well. It was coming to a close circle with teams starting to fall with all 50 Point threshold teams being eliminated. BallonG from Third Impact was the sole survivor for his team but with Wyvern being behind him they killed him to place Third Impact in fourth place. Rogue had the high ground set along with the Wraith portal while being at a standoff with both Wyvern and Gambit. This game already put Rogue and Wyvern in the 50 Point threshold with Gambit needing to secure the win for those 12 points to get them to that threshold. In the end it was Wyvern who stood victorious putting Rogue in second place and Gambit in third.

The Overall Standings are as follows:

  1. Natus Vincere – 79 Points
  2. Wyvern – 73 Points
  3. 789 – 60 Points
  4. Rogue – 59 Points
  5. G2 Esports – 59 Points
  6. Team SoloMid – 57 Points
  7. PENTA – 53 Points


Game 8

Game eight of the series saw NRG being eliminated as the first official team. It was safe to say by now NRG was struggling as well as VP being two of the teams that were favorited to win. As ring five closes most threshold teams were eliminated with TSM and Wyvern being the only two left that could potentially win. ImperialHal from TSM being the last player for his team was hiding as Wyvern tries to clean the last three teams however after Hal is revealed he cleans Wyvern to put them in third place only to lose a 1v1 to GamersOrigin’s wSerious to put TSM in second and allow GamersOrigin to secure the victory in Game 8.

The Overall Standings are as follows:

  1. Wyvern – 83 Points
  2. Natus Vincere – 83 Points
  3. Team SoloMid – 73 Points
  4. GamersOrigin – 64 Points
  5. 789 – 63 Points
  6. PENTA – 60 Points
  7. Rogue – 59 Points
  8. G2 Esports – 59 Points


Game 9

The ninth game of the series saw plenty of action, griefing early on, third party fights and some questionable tactics as we progressed. SUCCUBUS was the first team officially eliminated from the game. One play that stood out was a bunker trade-off between NaVi and PENTA but NaVi came back in to secure the kills on PENTA. MVP was also most definitely the MVP’s of the game (pun intended) as they went on the aggressive hunt eliminating GamersOrigin the winners of the previous game and also getting an astonishing 16 kills this game. In the end it was GamersOrigin who placed fourth being dominated by MVP while G2 tried taking out FlyQuest but FlyQuest was able to deny G2 the Grand Finals win placing them in third place. As FlyQuest just finished the battle it was MVP to come in an clean up the remaining FlyQuest members securing them the first place victory. One of the best moments of this match was FlyQuest Lou with a big grin of relief when he realized it was MVP that secured the win to continue the series onto Game 10.

The Overall Standings are as follows:

  1. Natus Vincere – 88 Points
  2. Wyvern – 86 Points
  3. Team SoloMid – 77 Points
  4. GamersOrigin – 72 Points
  5. PENTA – 67 Points
  6. G2 Esports – 67 Points
  7. Rogue – 61 Points
  8. Gambit – 50 Points


Game 10

Game ten of the series saw FlyQuest being the first official team eliminated but also Selly from Wyvern taking out TSM early as well. It was made known that teams were now starting to engage harder trying to take out those 50 point threshold teams with almost half of them being wiped early on. Sentinels came out strong in this game while NRG held down Cage getting a good insight of the teams to come. Action was intense as NaVi was the last team taken out from the 50 Point threshold while NRG cleaned both CLG and Third Impact. We knew were headed to Game 11 of the series as MVP got to fourth and Third Impact making into third place. NRG brought it back this game making up for their Grand Finals Performance with an impressive 18 kills but it could only land them in second as Aceu was the last man on NRG to be taken out by Sentinels to secure the first place with 10 kills. This match ended up putting both NRG and Sentinels in the 50 Point threshold.

The Overall Standings are as follows:

  1. Natus Vincere – 91 Points
  2. Wyvern – 87 Points
  3. Team SoloMid – 79 Points
  4. GamersOrigin – 74 Points
  5. 789 – 72 Points
  6. G2 Esports – 71 Points
  7. Sentinels – 69 Points
  8. PENTA – 68 Points
  9. Rogue – 61 Points
  10. NRG – 51 Points
  11. Gambit – 51 Points


Game 11 (Final Game)

The eleventh and final game of the series saw k1ck eliminate FlyQuest as the first official team gone. Teams were going for early grief to try and close out the series as more than half the lobby needed to just win this game to secure the Grand Finals victory. We saw plenty of action but it wasn’t till the end that we a “cluster foxtrot” with both GamersOrigin and MVP taking out teams in the high ground of Wetlands. It was also TSM who was able to secure themselves low ground to avoid contact until the last ring was set. MVP did a good job of trying to deny TSM and GamersOrigin of getting much intel as they would damage their opponents every chance they got. However, in the end, MVP and GamersOrigin had to fight it as the circle favored both of them but TSM came in to clean up the fight and secure themselves the victory for both Game 11 of the series and the Grand Finals being crowned the Champion of the Arena.

The Overall Standings are as follows:

  1. Team SoloMid – 100 Points
  2. Natus Vincere – 97 Points
  3. Wyvern – 91 Points
  4. GamersOrigin – 88 Points
  5. 789 – 75 Points
  6. Sentinels – 75 Points
  7. G2 Esports – 73 Points
  8. PENTA – 71 Points
  9. MVP – 65 Points
  10. Rogue – 63 Points
  11. Gambit Esports – 56 points
  12. NRG – 54 Points
  13. Third Impact – 49 Points
  14. Virtus.Pro – 47 Points
  15. SoaR Gaming – 46 Points
  16. Counter Logic Gaming – 46 Points
  17. FlyQuest – 37 Points
  18. k1ck eSports – 26 Points
  19. SUCCUBUS – 24 Points
  20. Misfits – 18 Points

In the interview following Game 11, we got to hear some thoughts from the TSM players.

ImperialHal was asked about how the team was able to adapt and overcome the odds, he answered with his team realized and worked on their mistakes with every match they played only making room for improvements. Albralelie tried his best to explain how communicated with his teammates to push and take fights but couldn’t finish his thoughts as he was left speechless. In a prior interview during the weekend, TSM Reps stated he was a big fan of TSM and was thrilled when they signed him allowing him to represent his favorite organization. When asked during the trophy ceremony how TSM does it the TSM way, he simply replied with “Back to Back” referencing the team’s previous win at X-Games. Team SoloMid has definitely taken a chance with this roster in Apex and it has more than paid off with back to back wins. We can only expect more from the team heading into the pro season.

Congratulations to your Apex Legends Preseason Invitational winners TSM!


Ending Notes

Plenty of action went on during the 3rd and Final Day of the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational with the Grand Finals going close to 7 hours in their 11 Game series. There were quite a few points to note down one of the biggest being teams started mentioning being fatigued starting around Game 8 of the series. Teams who placed in the bottom 10 spots of the Grand Finals also played four more games than those who secured themselves the Top 10 spots in the Winners Final. Half the teams that were in the 50 Point Threshold were teams that advanced from the Losers Bracket Finals with the other half being in the Winners Bracket from Day 2. Fallout made a perfect reference saying watching this final was like watching a Nadal vs Federer match (Professional Tennis players) who leave their hearts and souls on the court when they play much like these 20 teams did today. This was only the Preseason Invitational to kick off the Pro season of Apex Legends and if this was an insight on the year to come we can only expect the rest of the season to be as wild as this past weekend was.

For a more in-depth look into the matches, stats and results you can go this site here.