Season 5 of Apex Legends has probably been one of the most successful seasons by far. Many fans were ecstatic to see Ash return and had so many theories as to what could be next. Since the end of the Broken Ghost story, there haven’t been many teasers regarding Season 6 of Apex Legends. The two biggest teasers were new Hammond worksites on Worlds Edge and a crane with a new train part. Fans seem a bit lost as to what could be next for the Apex Games until today. On the Apex Legends Twitter account, a cryptic voice message from Bangalore has been received.

Going over the voice message Bangalore goes by her real name which she doesn’t often do with others. So whoever this person she is talking to is trusted by Bangalore. She also calls the person “P” which could hint as to whom the person may be. One of the biggest guesses is this could possibly be Rampart but there is little to back up that current guess.

Bangalore also talks about Hiatus which is an interesting take on the Apex Games. It would make perfect sense for there to be a small break or offseason for the games to allow the legends to rest. This would also allow them to go about their lives outside the games. While this is only a small teaser and possibly relating to Season 6 it already has many fans trying to decode this message.