Apex Legends’ storytelling in their battle royale has been amazing since its release. The amount of time and backstory that goes into each legend keeps fans constantly guessing and creating theories. When the Broken Ghost storyline was added into Apex it left fans wanting more lore to be added into the game. Now there is a chance to read even more lore as Apex Legends announces a new novel titled Pathfinder’s Quest.

Pathfinder was arguably one of the fan-favorite legends when Apex Legends debuted. Since then it has been highly debated whether fans still enjoy playing him. However, we can all agree he is still a fan favorite in the game’s lore. This new story goes off Pathfinder’s urge to find his creator. Something fans are very familiar with since the launch of the game. There have been many theories as to who Pathfinder’s creator is but this new story could give us all the answers.

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This graphic novel is available on Amazon for preorder and written by the writers of Apex Legends. There are two versions you can get which are the Kindle version for $23.99 or a hardcover copy for $39.99. Whichever you choose this is a chance to grab something that adds more to the game and the universe within Apex Legends.