Physical editions to a digital game, special editions, and collectors editions are all something game collectors love. Since launching Apex Legends, Respawn has put out 3 special editions of Apex Legends. Bloodhound, Lifeline, and Octane all received special editions for the game. Now it’s time for Pathfinder to receive his own special edition of Apex Legends.

Thanks to data miner Shrugtal, information on what to expect in the Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition was revealed.

As of right now, there is no current date for when the Pathfinder Edition will release. It was speculated that it could happen anytime after the Old Ways event ends and around the start of Season 5. Some of the other items in the Pathfinder Edition were leaked.

These are all the items you can expect to be in the upcoming Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition. How excited are you to snag this when it releases? What other Physical/Special Editions of the game are you hoping to be released?


Apex Legends - Pathfinder Edition moving pathfinder

Apex Legends – Pathfinder Edition