The lore of Apex Legends is always expanding in different ways. Whether it’s in the game itself or the latest Pathfinder’s Quest there is tons of lore to be explored and expanded on. This comic book spinoff from Dark Horse Comics will be bringing all 16 legends for a new storyline. Apex Legends: Overtime will be a four-issue limited series written by Titanfall veteran Jesse Stern. This limited series will be released on Dark Horse comics starting on June 2, 2021

There is not too much information on the comic but there is an official description for the comic.

Apex Legends is a squad-based battle royale experience where players select from one of 16 Legends – each with their own unique abilities and playstyles – and the last team standing wins. In the comic series, the Legends find themselves pulled together to rescue the city from Mad Scientists, brutal assassins, and the sudden and sinister grip of The Syndicate, a corrupt cabal attempting to “fix” arena outcomes in their favor. Will the Legends hold up to their celebrity status and be the heroes Solace needs?

Apex Legends: Overtime - Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics/Respawn Entertainment

The comic will be released for both digital and physical copies. While there isn’t much information regarding more spinoffs for Apex Legends this could be a start. Dark Horse Comics could expand the Apex Legends lore along while the game focuses more on its main storyline.