After a small vacation data miner That1MiningGuy is back with some particularly interesting news about Apex Legends. In a Twitter post sent out on the morning of September 23rd, the data miner posted pictures of what seems to be code relating to cross-network play for Apex Legends. If this is indeed true we would see cross-play between Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

The data miner also goes on to say that the program Respawn is using for cross-play is called Nucleus and the program would also standardize between Player Identification.

It is also worth noting that this is something that would not be introduced into the game for a while but as always game development can change. Cross-play would definitely be introducing a different aspect in the game however it may not be what the entire community may want. Of course with cross-play it allows players from all platforms to interact with each other in ways the gaming community has been wanting for a while now but that also does take the player and skill exclusivity away from your desired platform.

Again this seems to be in the works at EA & Respawn and may not be seen in-game for a while so hoping when it does come out we get to see who indeed is the better platform.