Apex Legends ‘Stories from the Outlands’ always gives fans a look into the legends’ past. The latest story titled ‘Northstar’ allows fans their first official look at Valkyrie. Let’s take a look at the pilot who became the next legend in the Apex Games.

There is a lot to unpack in this eight-minute animated lore video. We start off on a barren planet or moon where a pilot’s body lays. Kai, or Kairi, now better known as Valkyrie, takes this Titan to Blisk. From there Blisk and Valkyrie start talking which brings up memories from Valkyrie’s childhood. Her dad, who is Viper, is a pilot and working for Blisk. Kairi then takes her father’s Titan in hopes of being like her father but gets caught in the middle of a battle. From there she gets shot down and Viper comes to save the day. However, after that incident Viper decides to leave and Kairi tries to live up to becoming the best pilot. She finds Blisk in hopes of revenge but decides to leave with an invitation to the Apex Games. Then we see Rampart working on Valkyrie’s gear in preparation for her debut.

Apex Legends - Northstar 'Stories from the Outlands' - Blisk and Valkyrie

Apex Legends ‘Northstar’ – Blisk & Valkyrie

The devs have already confirmed there will be tons of Titanfall content this coming season. The latest animated video recalls and shows off tons of Titanfall content. Now, all we can do is wait and see until the gameplay trailer is released. Are you ready for Valkyrie to drop into the Apex Games?