Not so long ago Apex Legends released merch for fans to show off their love for the game. From fan-favorite legends to the instantly recognizable Apex Predator logo there is a great variety to choose from. Now that the holidays have come around it only seems fitting that a winter collection has been released. The Apex Legends Nordic Winter Collection is available now from the Apex Legends shop.

The Nordic Winter Collection that was released recently gives fans a chance to choose between a few items. You can snag yourself a holiday blanket, lounge pants, an onesie, socks, a mug, or a tumbler. The Nordic Winter collection definitely feels inspired by Bloodhound. Along with the Winter Collection, other merch including clothes and figurines are available to order before Christmas.

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Apex Legends Winter Event

Some new clothing has been released along with the Nordic Winter Collection for legends including Lifeline & Caustic. As mentioned before these new items are available and ready to order before Christmas. If you order before the 10th it is guaranteed to arrive before Christmas so what are you waiting for? Grab yourself or that special someone something nice from the Apex Legends shop before the holidays arrive.