There has been a great deal of anticipation for the release of Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch since its announcement. We knew that it would be releasing soon for the Switch early in 2021 but last month fans were given a confirmed date. On March 9th Apex Legends will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch. Along with the release, players will also be given an exclusive Pathfinder skin.

Players who get Apex Legends on the Switch will receive some exclusive rewards. 30 Free Battle Pass levels along with Double XP for the first two weeks. Players will also receive the Legendary ‘P.A.T.H’ Pathfinder skin exclusively for the Switch.

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Pathfinder Skin - P.A.T.H

Exclusive Pathfinder Skin – P.A.T.H

Players on the Nintendo Switch will also be available to play in crossplay with other consoles. This includes players on the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Remember all the latest Season 8 Battle Pass will be available for the Switch on release. Players will get 30 free Battle Pass Levels and Double XP for the first two weeks to catch up.

Are you ready to play Apex Legends on the go with the Nintendo Switch?