What are a few things we have learned from Respawn over the past year? They are incredible storytellers. Respawn has kept its community talking about what is next to come. From champion teasers to easter eggs hidden all over their game Respawn has consistently delivered amazing stories. Now with Season 5 approaching the official Apex Legends Twitter account has been busy. That leaves us with an important question. What could Apex Legends be planning for Season 5?

Since the introduction of Revenant, we knew there was going to be 2 big players in both Seasons 4 and 5. We are talking of course about both Revenant and Loba. Their paths crossed many years ago when Loba was a child but revenge has been on both of their minds. For different reasons but they aren’t the only champions in the Apex Games with a thirst for revenge.

For about a week, documents have surfaced online regarding Project 617. This is a very particular set of documents that seem to be pertaining to simulacrums and most likely Revenant.

So the source code can’t be accessed and there is an immortal murder robot on the loose. Sounds like we know who that might be. Then another set of documents was released.

Here we get a look into the definition of a Simulacrum. We also understand why Revenant saw his former self in his debut trailer. Now understanding this a subject known as XAC was being used. Are they referring to Revenant or another Simulacrum?

It seems that another robot was being tested on with this next email but something quite interesting was said. If they keep doing a transference then the program will collapse. A good theory is we have seen Ash (a well-known character from the Titanfall games) appear in both Loba’s and Revenant’s trailers. Could this be who the emails are referring to?

Lastly, there have been a few teasers in-game showing off a facility. This seems to have a major connection to Project 617. This place looks very similar to all the teasers put together.

Could this be another facility like Singh Labs? If it is could it possibly be on Worlds Edge? The Planet Harvester might be there to take resources from the planet but it could also be there to uncover something. We know currently Respawn has something incredible planned for Apex Legends Season 5 and we cannot wait to see what it is.