Apex Legends has events that come out every now and then that give away special cosmetics. We’ve had the Halloween, Iron Crown, and Grand Soiree just to name a few. Now, just a few days before the cross-play is set to kick off, Apex announced the “Aftermarket” Collection Event.

Now that you have seen the trailer let’s go over everything we have seen. The biggest announcement to come out of the Aftermarket Event trailer was the addition of Crossplay. Crossplay will be added on October 6th and will be between Xbox, Playstation, and PC. There are a few details to note about crossplay, however. Crossplay will only be “crossplay enabled” for both Xbox & Playstation while PC players who queue with console players will be put in PC only lobbies. If you want to learn more you can read about it on the official game update.

We also have new cosmetics coming out which include an Octane, Caustic, and Wraith skin. More legend and weapon cosmetics will also be available during the event.

aftermarket collection event prize tracker, limited time cosmetics

Aftermarket Prize Tracker

A new limited-time mode called Flashpoint will also be added. In this game mode, all healing and shields will be removed as you regen them naturally. The ring will close rapidly as well onto an end circle known as the Flashpoint.

Flashpoint, Kings Canyon, Aftermarket, LTM, limited time mode

Flashpoint LTM

Last but not least we will be getting a new heirloom and this one will be for Caustic. It is a sledgehammer which makes for a very appropriate melee weapon for the Dr. Not only is his new Clown skin terrifying but his previous Halloween one is like something from a John Carpenter film. Imagine one of those skins with that hammer coming full speed at you.

Are you ready for the Apex Legends Aftermarket Collection Event?