After the cinematic introduction of Loba in Fortune’s Favor (read about it here), EA and Respawn announced a string of new things coming to Apex Legends season 5 and ranked series 4. We have listed them below:


Fortune’s Favor promises a Season Quest to be added to the game. It also states that the ones that complete the quests will be richly rewarded. However, what these quests will be have not been announced yet. Perhaps it is getting 500 kills in a season or deal 5000 damage. I think it a nice addition to the game as it will give players more of a goal to follow.


Loba has been spotted in the background of the client (!).

Fortune’s Favor All-New Battle Pass

The Fortune’s Favor post was also very cryptic on what this meant for the game. It only states that an all-new battle pass will be added to the game with 100 exclusive items. Including legendary skins, Apex packs, new content for season 5, and more. We still don’t know much about the new battle pass, but it is exciting to see that new content gets added to the game.

Apex Legends Ranked Series 4

Last season was great according to Respawn who is very happy with the results of splits and the map change. They state that all of this will be kept in the game as they view it as successful. The post even gave us numbers on how many percents of players were in the different ranks:

  • 17.54% Bronze (3.9%)
  • 27.2% Silver (29.1%)
  • 33.72% Gold (35.3%)
  • 18.82% Platinum (23.6%)
  • 2.51% Diamond (7.1%)
  • 0.2% Master & Apex Predator (0.2%)

Respawn expressed their happiness over the RP based matchmaking saying that it works and that they will keep it in the game. As Apex Legends now has a Master tier and an Apex predator tier instead of only predator at the top the feeling of hitting predator is so much better and helps Respawn keep track of who truly is the best. The rewarding of hardworking players will also continue with Respawn continuing to investigate into dive trails.

The Maps

Respawn felt like the changing of maps midway through the season made the game more interesting and this will continue to happen. This season will start on Kings Canyon and then change to World’s Edge around the 23rd of June. They continued saying that the split system was a success as well as the soft RP reset as they also helped the game continue to be interesting.

The Rewards

The rewards for season 3 also became public with this post as seen below.

Loss Forgiveness

As Respawn recently saw a spike in questions over the loss forgiveness system they have decided to explain it in detail here. The loss forgiveness system is the system that prevents you from losing RP in ranked when certain scenarios happen.

The three reasons why you get loss forgiveness:
  1. When your matchmade teammates abandon the game (i.e. if your party mates abandon you do not get loss forgiveness)
  2. If you get to the start of the drop sequence and you never had 3 teammates.
  3. You have an unexpected quit.

If you leave a game where you are not forgiven; you will lose all gains you would get from that match, lose RP equal to the entry cost, and get a timer placed on you that prevents you from matchmaking (This is set to 10 min). Respawn explained that if you have an unexpected abandon, such as your internet going out, you will not be penalized. However, the system will check if you have had any other unexpected abandons earlier that day and if they could be counted as regular abandons. If you have done a regular abandon you will not be penalized for the unexpected one, however, the forgiveness will be counted as a “used forgiven abandon” on which you only get three each season.


Reconnect will be added to the game starting this season. This function is to help players who get unexpected abandons. The reconnect will function if the game is still ongoing when you restart the game. This will surely be useful for all players around the globe, but especially for those with bad internet.


All of this is set to hit the servers on May the 12th so get ready.

The End

The post ended with Respawn thanking all the players and congratulating them on their hard work through the season. With these updates season 5 will surely be one of the best ranked season ever. From all of us at Top10 congratulations and good job with the rank climb. Let’s keep it going for one more season.


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