Unless you have been living under a rock you will have seen the latest trailer from Apex Legends. Featuring high-speed action as well as clues for next season.  The trailer introduces us (yet again) to Loba. The genius thief hunting for revenge on the one that killed her parents. It also introduces us to this year’s season quest “The Broken Ghost” featuring its own story-line and reward track. Come with us as we uncover what this season has in store for Apex Legends.


An article about Apex Legends season 5 wouldn’t be whole without talking about Loba. The latest legend from Respawn is not someone you want to mess with. The gameplay trailer has given us more clues on what her kit will be. It confirms that she will be able to teleport objects to her teammates and teleport herself. In the trailer, it seems that the object teleporting will be her ult and that the teleporting of herself will be her tactical. As predicted, her tactical will be like Sombra’s in Overwatch. When used she throws her “teleport bracelet” to the requested location and then you can teleport there. It’s a neat tactical with a lot of potential. Imagine this ability in the hands of a pro. You will never know where she actually is. This ability will be great, but it will also have a large skill gap. It can still be good in lower elo:s, but the true potential of it will not be revealed until you get to the higher tiers.

Loba and Wraith

Apex Legends Season 5: Loba and Wraith– Picture by @playapex (twitter)

Her ult feels a lot like a smaller Lifeline ultimate right now. She seems like a fragger, but with supporting potential. This means that unlike other legends that focus on kills she will bring more to the team. Therefore, I think she will be a prevalent character in the competitive scene since she seems like a character that can both get kills and get her team ahead with loot. After all good loot wins games.

Skull Town

Today we say goodbye to Skull Town officially. The location has now been confirmed to be gone for Apex Legends season 5 and is to be replaced by a large crater. The whole location will be some sort of construction zone. That is not all that will change with the map until next season. In the trailer, we see large structures of technology being added to the map. This is all in line with the story where everyone, even Hammond Robotics, are looking for a special artifact. The trailer even featured some sort of generator capable of charging someone’s ult.

Apex Legends Season Quest

Apex Legends season 5 will be the first season in the game to have its own quest attached to it. The quest “The Broken Ghost” will run for the entire season and will feature it’s own reward track, treasure packs, weekly hunts, and it’s own story. This is truly a large update to the game and the quest will give players an incentive to come back every day to try their luck in the many challenges that await them.

Apex Legends Mirage, Bangalore, and Revenant

Apex Legends Season 5: Mirage, Bangalore, and Revenant — screenshot by @lectrablyat (twitter)

Treasure Packs

The treasure packs are a lootable item that can be found in competitive Apex Legends matches. The pack will not take up any backpack space and you will only be able to open it after the game. These packs will contain all sorts of loot since there will be 45 different Treasure packs. However, Respawn has revealed the packs can contain Crafting Metals, Battlepass XP, Apex Packs, or an opportunity to play a new weekly hunt. You can only collect one treasure pack per day.

Weekly Hunts

Weekly hunt is a new mode coming to Apex Legends. The hunts are all part of the story and quest “The Broken Ghost”. The overall goal of the hunts is to find pieces of a broken artifact. The hunts will be set on the map “Kings Canyon at night” and will feature prowlers, last seen in “The old ways” event. You will fight your way through massive hoards of these monster and if you are lucky you will make it out alive. You can either play the hunts alone or with your squad, it is your choice. If you decide to go alone into the night then you will get some free revives. If you decide; best not to brave the night alone, then it will work like any other Apex Legends game. If you manage to survive, the hunts will bring you great rewards like exclusive weapon charms and new chapters in the ongoing story “The Broken Ghost”.

You can replay hunts that you have unlocked throughout season 5. The first hunt will be available on May 19th after you have collected 5 treasure packs.

Pathfinder's quest

Apex Legends: Pathfinder’s quest

The Broken Ghost

The spotlight is all on Loba this year and this season she gets her own story ” The Broken Ghost” to explain this better here is a quote from Apex Legends lore writer Tom Casiello about the new story:

“Caught between the Apex Games and Hammond Robotics, Loba is spinning a web of lies and deceit in her personal quest for vengeance… but how far is she willing to go? How does the Broken Ghost fit into her plans for Revenant? And what happens when one Legend stumbles upon the truth? See a side of the Legends’ lives you’ve never seen before… outside of the Games! Alliances will be formed, friendships will be tested, vendettas will be born, and when the dust settles, nothing will be the same again in a mystery that has far-reaching consequences for them all.” 

Chilling, and every week you have a chance to unlock the next piece of the puzzle by doing the challenges and playing the game. The first part of the story will be available on May 12th.

Loba and Revenant

Apex Legends Season 5: Loba and Revenant — screenshot by @lectrablyat (twitter)

Season 5

Season 5 will truly be an exciting season and a proving ground for these new season quests. If it works, which I hope, the quests might become a regular thing. Loba seems like an interesting character and the team at Respawn has truly made a masterpiece with her story. I think she will become one of the best characters in the game and we’ll probably get some sick plays with her abilities in the competitive scene. Only time will tell how great this season will be, or how bad. Let’s go on this journey together (or should I say hunt?).

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