Apex Legends has announced it’s ‘Lost Treasures Collection‘ Event which will include a variety of new things coming to Apex Legends. The event will run from June 23 – July 7 and will give players the chance to snag new event cosmetics, play an evolved version of Armed & Dangerous, and experience a new town takeover. Let’s take a look at the trailer and break down everything we saw.

Starting off with the event prize tracker we have seen this in previous events and we all know how it works. If you don’t here’s a rundown. You get the chance to earn daily points and every so often you unlock a new cosmetic. The Prize Tracker will gift players two legendary skins and in-store you have the chance to unlock 24 event-exclusive cosmetics for the Lost Treasures Collection.

Lost Treasures Collection Prize Tracker

Lost Treasure Collection Prize Tracker

Along with the event will we also see a new Town Takeover which is known as Crypto’s Map Room. The trailer gives us some interesting insights into the room. We see the return of Crypto’s sister and the hidden bunkers open.

The new limited-time mode will be Armed & Dangerous Evolved which is a new take on the shotguns and snipers only game mode. This time around players will spawn with Evo Shields and all the respawn beacons will be removed. The beacons will be replaced with a portable respawn beacon and will replace the regular beacons after the event ends.

Mirage will also get an heirloom that is very fitting for his character. It is a trophy or plaque of himself that has a neat little animation.

How excited are you for the Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection Event?


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