Pathfinder has had a hard time during these last few patches. Being one of the most mobile legends in Apex he was a popular choice. Even with his most recent nerfs, the MRVN is still great for future ring position information. Pathfinder being the only champion that can use survey beacons was a huge advantage in-game. However, past rumors of class changes seem to be coming true as 2 current legends will have the ability to use survey beacons as well.

Data miner Biast12 has leaked a few voice lines and animations regarding the upcoming class changes for Recon legends. The two legends who will be able to use survey beacons as well are Bloodhound and Crypto.

This is a good start to adding more specific perks to certain classes like the Recon class. Plus it only makes sense that Crypto is able to use the survey beacons since he is a talented hacker. There is no word as to when we could possibly see these changes implemented in-game. What other class-specific changes would you like to see in Apex Legends?

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