The anticipation for Apex Legends Season 5 garnered much attention from the game’s fanbase. Many were excited to finally play as the new legend Loba. Players also were excited to see all the new changes making their way into the game. Such as new items like guns & loot, map updates, and legend updates. One thing that did leave fans a bit disappointed was no new weapon edition this season. Players were hoping for a new SMG such as the Volt but the devs confirmed no new weapon was to be added. This was due to the fact that the devs are pleased with the current state of weapons in the game. That all has potentially changed.

Even though we were told by the devs that no new weapons were being added we could expect a big surprise for Titanfall fans during Season 5. A data miner by the name of KralRindo posted a video on Reddit showing off some new Loba ping voice lines. These voice lines have quite a few new weapons and items including the Volt, Car, Archer, and more.

Updated* Upcoming items ping sounds (Only Loba) from r/ApexUncovered

Here is a list of everything Loba said (in order):

  • Volt SMG
  • Launcher Ammo
  • Softball
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Portable Respawn Beacon
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Flash-hider (Not completely sure on this one)
  • EPG
  • Defender
  • Cold War
  • Car SMG
  • Archer

Fans of Titanfall games will know a lot of these weapons all too well. Both the Volt and the Car have been in talks to join the game for a while now and it would be interesting to see them finally introduced. As for the other weapons and items in the voice lines they are going to make gameplay more interesting. However, rumors of the long-awaited PVE are still floating around and these new items could be for a PVE game mode.

What do you think of these leaked voice lines? Are they here to throw data miners off or are there big things in store for Season 5 of Apex Legends?