Apex Legends always has a good way to keep players interested in the game. Whether it is the game’s amazing storylines or map changes Respawn always keeps us guessing. Now it seems that there is a town takeover set and it might just be for Crypto.

Construction flags have been popping up around the buildings outside of Repulsor.

Not only that but you can clearly see on the legend banners there is a binary code that has also been translated by multiple members of the community.

It is very interesting as to what the phrase is hinting at. Could it be just a tease for Crypto or could it be a figure from Crypto’s past? However, it is very fitting that Crypto’s takeover is set near the tower he brought down after his introduction into the Apex Games.

There aren’t too many theories being thrown around right now but this could be the start to learning more about Crypto and expanding his storyline. Even more exciting is trying to figure out what Crypto’s takeover may look like and if it is connected to the bunkers and the countdown (what we know so far about the bunker opening). We know it will most definitely be tech-related but one can only imagine.


Apex Legends ‘Bunkers’ are now on a Cooldown Timer