Apex Legends News: Loba has been a highly anticipated Apex Legends character since her introduction in Revenant’s trailer. We knew her character would be something special with the backstory Respawn has set up for her. Now after a few eager days of waiting for the trailer for Loba, known as Legacy of a Theif, has been released.

Revenge has been a pretty popular concept in the Apex Games with the last few legends. From Crypto to now Loba everyone is out for blood. There are quite a few things we noticed in the trailer that have us asking multiple questions. Is Loba working for Hammond? Why did that mask look so familiar in the beginning? Is that necklace of any importance? Who is the man in the video that found Revenant?

Let’s start off with what we know and get more into rumors, theories, and speculation.

Do you remember at the beginning of Season 4 there was an announcement of the Hammond Labs being broken into? Everyone thought it was Revenant and it could’ve been but in the trailer, we see Loba at a Hammond Facility. Now onto the mask. Ash has already made an appearance in Revenant’s trailer but we see Loba picking up a mask. It is none other than Ash from Titanfall. This was backed by That1MiningGuy.

We still don’t know about the necklace or the blue-haired man is but you can be sure we will be looking into it more. There are so many theories and speculations about Loba and the information in her debut trailer. How excited are you for the thief known as Loba to join Apex Legends?

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