Apex Legends has a great amount of loot that can help both you and your team. Since it’s debut in the battle royale scene the self-revive golden knockdown shield has been something players fight to get. A lot of the time players on the same team fight over who deserves to hold the shield. While the self-revive shield has helped players in plenty of situations not everyone feels the same about it.

In a recent clip, ShivFPS voices his frustration with the self-revive shield.

This clip came from the five-round split of the European Finals. You can clearly see how frustrated Shiv is with the current state of the self revive shield. He isn’t the only pro that has complaints about the self revive shields as some of TSM’s members voiced their opinions as well.

While the lengthy time it takes to self revive can be nerve-racking the payoff sometimes is well worth the wait. However, plenty of players have asked for a change to how long it takes to self revive. With all this being said about the self revive shields one of the Apex Legends producers made a comment on Twitter regarding the shields.

So when exactly is soon? No official release other than this small bit of information confirming the changes have been announced.