Apex Legends is not only known for its popular battle royale but also its vast in-depth lore. During the Lost Treasures trailer, we got a teaser of Mila talking through Hack, Crypto’s drone. Last week we got our first look at what Mila had to say after the hidden bunker near The Cage opened up. Now, this week in the same hidden bunker you can use Hack to go through the same vents to hear a new message from Mila.

Thanks to Reddit u/TORN-Strife we get to see the second message Mila left for Crypto.

Crypto teaser 2/3 from r/ApexLore

This is already shaping up to be a very interesting story with an unpredictable ending. Where could Mila have been taken? Is she still alive? She most likely has to be since her messages in the hidden bunker are coming in slowly. What does the last message say and how will it affect Crypto’s relationship with Mila and Crypto as a person. There are so many questions we need answers to but we are sure that Respawn will answer them while making us ask ourselves another series of questions.

We know Respawn has a lot of storytelling left for Apex Legends and our story with Crypto is only starting. There are still quite a few legends who have yet to debut. They might have something to do with some of our current legends storylines. Now, all that’s left to do is what and see what the final message says.