Apex Legends has been on top of the battle royale scene since its launch last year. We fell in love with the legends and their unique personalities. Since the games release a few more legends have joined the Apex Games. One of the most notable additions was Crypto and the sheer hype surrounding the legend. Many legends like to interact with one another while on the same team and have different voice lines for each other. Caustic is one of those legends who always has something interesting to say but just recently discovered to have a very controversial voice line in his arsenal. During the last patch that controversial Caustic voice line was removed from Apex Legends which was aimed at Crypto.

The line was brought up on Twitter after a fan noticed the line to be a racial slur. Tom Casiello, one of the writers for Apex Legends, addressed the inappropriate line to the concerned fan.

The latest Evo Armor patch confirmed that the line would be removed. Casiello also went on to apologize for the line and for those who were upset over the line. Another fan however was not happy about the line being removed at all stating the team was “watering down” a fan-favorite villain. Tom Casiello would also make his voice be heard regarding the fan’s displeasure.

The Apex Legends writing team stated more will go into looking into voice lines to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.