While it is no secret that Respawn has plenty of champions being eyed to join the Apex Games it is always an interesting talking point to see who is next in line to be added. Over the course of the last few days, we have seen plenty of Halloween leaks with one name in particular that has fans of the battle royale raising eyebrows. We are talking about nonother than Revenant.

In a tweet sent out by our favorite data miner and leaker, That1MiningGuy, the premise of the Shadowfall limited-time mode was a being known as the Revenant was to host the Apex Games in a night version of Kings Canyon. It was also stated that this character would actually hack into Pathfinder and give him nightmares which makes sense since the game mode allows players to come back as ghosts in the new Halloween limited-time mode.

Now it has been known that Revenant was one of the champions slated to join Apex Legends for a while since a data-mined graphic went out possibly revealing all the champions Respawn wanted in the game. However, a few new pictures have been making the rounds online that could confirm the rumors of Revenant being the next champion for Apex Legends.

The first picture was apparently snapped during a tour of the Respawn Facility. While no hard evidence has come forward to solidify this rumor the dates on it seem to be a key factor that could confirm it as real. The fact that Crypto was also on this test sheet could also confirm the photo to be real.

The next set of photos is that of the test design from Octanes Gauntlet on Kings Canyon. It is clearly shown that an old design of Revenant in a test pose is on one of the champion banners in Octanes Gauntlet.

Last but not least we have the Fight or Fright Halloween Event announcement. In the thumbnail released by Respawn & EA we see Bloodhound with a mysterious figure behind him. Going based off designs and rumors we can see the ghostly figure to be Revenant.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If it turns out these rumors are true then we may see Revenant join Apex Legends just weeks after Crypto joined the game. This also could be a debut tease for Revenant to hype up the champion just like Respawn did with Crypto before the much anticipated Season 3 launch. Now we play the waiting game and see what’s in store for the upcoming Halloween event, for Apex Legends and for Revenant.