Since the launch of Apex Legends, we know that there are fourteen potential legends joining the Apex Games. Some of the big names big tossed after Crypto’s release is Revenant, Loba & Rampart. We have already touched base on Loba in one of my last articles but now we get to look into Rampart.

Rampart has been one of the legends eyed for Apex Legends since it’s release. Known as the ‘Base of Fire’ Rampart is looking to be an aggressive support champion. While there are many photos going around that show a character design for Rampart a recent leaked design sheet may show his character model.

Rampart, Leaked

A look at Rampart from a leaked dev sheet

Let’s take a look into his abilities:

  • Amped Cover: Build cover that provides a damage boost to anyone standing behind it.
  • My Friend Maxim: Place a mounted machine gun that anyone in the squad can use. Uses Heavy Ammo.
  • Fixer: Swapping to melee equips a wrench you can use to repair structures.
  • Cover Fire: Firing from cover overcharges your gun damage.
  • Gunner: LMGs have increased magazine capacity and reload faster.
  • Extra: Can pick up cover and move it.

It seems like there may be too many abilities for the champion however we can guess that he has three abilities with three passives. His passives will most likely be the Fixer, Cover Fire and Extra. The dev sheet that was leaked also had Crytpo, Revenant, Loba, Valk & Blisk. We know Revenant is being teased during Halloween event Fight or Fright and could be next in line for a release. Rampart seems to fall in line shortly after Revenant and Loba are released so he could be one of the main focus points of Season 4.

Here is a more detailed video explaining Rampart.