About a week ago Apex Legends sent out a patch to balance the charge rifle. This patch would make the charge rifle use more ammo per shot and reduce fall off damage. It seemed with that patch it only made the charge rifle more powerful. Many players had asked for a nerf to the gun since it’s release into Apex Legends. The last nerf was a step in the right direction but seemed to have failed to please the community. Well, it seems Respawn is nerfing the charge rifle again.

A tweet sent out on the official Apex Legends Twitter shows another nerf to the charge rifle.

This nerf is another indication Respawn is listening to the community. The charge rifle is a very powerful gun when in the right hands and it seems after last patch it was buffed rather than nerfed. This next patch should hopefully be the patch to fix the charge rifle and make players happy. Only time will tell what the future holds for the charge rifle but this is another step in the right direction for Respawn.