Late last year EA & Respawn had announced their plans to bring Apex Legends to the mobile platform. In January of this year, Ea confirmed a partner for the mobile release. Now it looks like EA is planning to ‘soft launch’ Apex Legends Mobile by the end of this year.

On June 22 EA CEO Andrew Wilson discussed the mobile plans for Apex Legends.

With this most recent announcement, this just adds to the big plans for Apex Legends. Respawn also just recently announced their plans to release Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch and to Steam Services. Respawn also has plans for cross-play between PC and consoles.

The soft launch for Apex Legends Mobile is looking to bring a 60 player king of the hill to both iOS and Android. The full game for mobile is still set to be released in 2021. This is the first official date confirmation EA has released regarding Apex Legends Mobile and you can be sure they’ll release more information as we near the soft launch.