Anticipation of Apex Legends’ upcoming Christmas event has many players excited. Leaks have also shown that new cosmetics, as well as a Mirage Takeover, are in the works. Newer data miner iLootGames had given us an insight into where that may be in Worlds Edge. Not only was it to be a Town Takeover but a Mirage Takeover for Christmas but new leaks reveal something else. Thanks to That1MiningGuy there is new info for the Mirage Takeover and what is in the new city.

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First, let’s take a look at the leak where the Town Takeover is supposed to be taking place.

The new leaks for the Mirage Town Takeover gives us some interesting things that are in this town.

This wouldn’t be a Mirage Takeover without some pork chops! Much like the previous takeovers for Octane and Wraith, this town is completely built around Mirage. It is going to be interesting to see a lot of the mechanics the new city will have. Also, does lootcap mean the amount of loot in the area is uncapped? This would make sense as it is turned off. Now we only have to wait and see until the event kicks off. See you in Sleek City!