If you have been eagerly awaiting the drop for the latest Apex Legends trailer you aren’t the only one. Fans have been patiently waiting for the gameplay trailer for Season 9 to drop. The introduction of Valkyrie, the new game mode Ash has teased, and confirmation of more Titanfall content has kept fans on the edge of their seats. Now the wait is over as we get our first look at the Arena Mode in the Apex Legends ‘Legacy’ gameplay trailer.

The six-minute-long trailer shows off the new permanent mode coming to Apex known as the Arenas. In this mode, it is a 3v3 where two teams fight for supremacy. There is a buy phase at the beginning of each round and items purchased in that round will not carry over to the next. You will start with Materials to buy your loadout and can earn more Materials through each round. One team must win by being ahead 2 points (ex. 3-1). If both teams are tied 4-4 at the end all hell breaks loose in a sudden-death ending. There are also care package weapons that drop each round that gives better items.

In the trailer, we also learn the new bow is great for mid to close-range combat and has two-hop up slots. One hop-up allows for the arrows to spread like a shotgun blast and the other allows for a quicker draw. Valkyrie’s abilities were also shown off with rockets firing from her jetpack. She can also attach her teammates to her jetpack and launch off. Meanwhile, the end of the video showed an airship coming for Olympus with roots now taking over the floating city.

Apex Legends Legacy launches on May 4th and is looking to be the most interesting season to date. Are you ready to jump into the Arena?