Season 3 of Apex Legends is still on the horizon but the community is already discussing what is next. Who is the next champion set to join the Apex Games? Is it Crypto, Blisk or even Jericho? What are the next limited-time modes that will come along with Season 3? So many questions that need answers yet That1MiningGuy may have answered that question as far back as the Iron Crown Event. It is highly speculated that the next mode coming to Apex Legends will be none other than the PVE mode.

What is the PVE Mode?

In the video posted by That1MiningGuy he explains that we could see a Player vs Environment that would require you to complete ten challenges and mark off smaller objectives. These missions can include tasks such as fighting off humans and monsters, luring monsters out of dens and cages, as well as holding Repulsor till it comes back online. More specific tasks could also include killing a certain amount of enemies, traveling a certain distance and even wall-running! Completing these tasks will also give you exclusive loot, such as characters and weapons skins, that may be separate from the battle royale mode of the game.

Image via That1MiningGuy

Let’s take a step back we just mentioned wall-running, yes you read that right, wall-running! Lines of code show off a few certain tasks that involve wall-running a certain distance and calling in your titan! Respawn has always shut down rumors and talk that titans would never be involved in the battle royale version of their game however with a PVE mode we could see titans make their return being used as allied support or killing objectives.

The data miner has also gone on listing other enemies that we would possibly see in the mode which are as follows:

  • Grunt Shield Captain
  • Special Force’s Sniper
  • Blisk’s Titan (Read more information regarding Blisk here)
  • Target Titan
  • Prowler
  • Alpha Prowler
  • Goliath
  • Stalker
  • Crimson Elite
  • Swamp Spider
  • Infected Spider
  • Spectre
  • Reaper

These are all just pure speculation and can change at any point in time with game development, the data miner has mentioned it is better to not get your hopes up and should be taken with a grain of salt. More information should be coming soon as Season 2 comes to a close in the next coming weeks.

For all information regarding the leaked ‘PVE’ mode here is the video that explains it all: